View Full Version : Smash the State - Accidental Kill

20th Mar 2013, 15:15
Disabled the turrets, snuck behind Jacob and took him down. However the takedown animation was the "punch in the face" one and Mr. White fell backwards into the electrified water and his body disappeared, possibly washed away.

Now, my whole playthrough has been non-lethal and since the takedown was non-let as well I foolishly assumed things would be fine. Didn't realize my error until completing the quest and finding out I had killed the guy.

Since I'm a twitchy, paranoid quick saver I no longer have quick/auto saves prior to "killing" Jacob which has really screwed me over both in terms of the pacifist achievement as well as roleplay.

Is there any way to fix this? Restart the quest, respawn Jacob, edit the save and change the mission trigger from "dead" to "alive"? I've already tried the debug mod and it's no use.

I know it's a longshot and I feel stupid ever for asking, I just can't believe my bad luck with this.


20th Mar 2013, 19:27
No standalone saves? It's still an RPG you are playing, sort of.
AFAIK the game uploads saves to the Steam cloud, but I doubt there's versioning.
Maybe some data recovery software can help you, but that's unlikely too.
Google or ask around for the Pacifist savefile, if you want the achievement, otherwise just waive it off.