View Full Version : Does Square Enix own Magical Chase?

7th Jun 2014, 01:01
I want to know because I learned about how valuable this old horizontal shoot 'em up is and some digging I did makes it sound like Square Enix owns it now because it was originally published by Quest which was bought by Square.

In case you want to know what I mean by valuable, there is a cartridge only ebay auction going on right now in which the seller admits "I have not been able to get the game to work as of yet, but maybe you can." and it is currently at $830 with 2 bids.

As for why I would want to know who owns the game today, it is because the ownership of old games has become a issue these days because sometimes games get caught in legal hell and cannot get a digital release on modern platforms and in the case of Magical Chase a modern digital release sounds really fun because I would rather pay $15 than $1500.

Edit: That auction for a possibly broken cartridge has concluded. Over $1000 with 7 bids.


7th Jun 2014, 08:11
If the IP was owned by Quest, then this should be a Square Enix IP now. But sometimes, the publishers don't own the IP, they just help with the distribution, etc.

7th Jun 2014, 13:55
This is getting confusing. After reading moooka's post I decided to do some more digging and some places say that Palsoft was the developer and Quest was the publisher while other places say that Quest was the developer and Palsoft was the Japanese publisher.

Edit: Chopped and reworded for clarity.