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9th Mar 2013, 16:23
So I'm running this game on my WinXP/250 GTS. It was tough to find someone that didn't have a 5xx-6xx Nvidia card but you're telling me that --

Alien Swarm
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Anno 2070
Borderlands 2
Crusader Kings 2
Dangerous Waters
Dead Island
ES5: Skyrim
Endless Space
Evochron Mercenary
Farcry 1 + 2 + 3
Gratuitous Space Battles
Hearts of Iron 2 + 3
Legend of Grimrok
Natural Selection 2
Nexus: Jupiter Incident
Mechwarrior Online
Simcity 4
Silent Hunter 4
Sins of a Solar Empire + ALL OF THEM
Stronghold + ALL OF THEM
Splinter Cell 3
Torchlight 1 + 2
Tribes: Ascend
Warhammer - Dawn of War 1 (all expansions) + Dow2 (all exps) + SPACE MARINE
World in Conflict 1 + Soviet Assault
X3 + Terran Conflict + Albion Prelude
and yet the new Tomb Raider (2013) I can't run it for more than a few seconds before it hard-locks and I have to hit the reset on my tower...

This is just after whatever pathetic 'patch' or update Steam just dl'ed in the last hour.

So, does anyone have any suggestions. That "uncheck Tesselation etc." doesn't matter as I'm running XP and there are no DX10/11 features available.
Current drivers are 314.07 -- Tried the game at 314/310/307 - no change at all.
Render API = 9
Windowed/Fullscreen (exclusive was always unchecked) etc.
No difference
HARD LOCK at random intervals.

9th Mar 2013, 16:40
Sorry to hear you are having problems. Does the game crash or lock up? Do any minidumps get written in the game folder in Steam? If they are and you can provide some I can pass them along to someone on the dev team.

9th Mar 2013, 17:05
Thanks for responding Nixxes!

I have managed to play for about ~90 minutes. The strange bit is that the entire 'tutorial/intro' sequence ran flawlessly. Once I emerged from the cave I might make a few minutes before it locks up.

Tesselation is not an option for my ancient (though still capable) vid card and the game looks fantastic and runs very smoothly until the hard lock.

For instance, I load my game at the campfire and Hard Lock. I can sit down and attempt to pick an upgrade -- Hard Lock. I can skip the campfire and run down to the bunker -- Hard Lock. I can go into the bunker, down the ladder, and through but Hard Lock.

I have tried Nvidia drivers 301.42/310.90/307.X/314.14 none of them make any difference.

It is most likely some niggling thing with my hardware but it doesn't make any sense that this game should just up and crash so often where other, more demanding games, run fine.

Anyway, thank you for your response.

9th Mar 2013, 17:12
Welcome to the forums, Mingus. Is this a new issue you're reporting, or one that has already been known?

9th Mar 2013, 17:22
I assume the issue is known as every 'solution' is turn off tesselation/turn off exlusive fullscreen/turn off vsync.

Those solutions will work if you have a 5xx-6xx Nvidia card. A friend of mine has an ~8800 and he can run Tomb Raider just fine whereas my GTS 250, a modest upgrade (or so I've heard) won't run for more than a few minutes before it locks.

Again, it's probably something with my hardware. The strange bit is Deus Ex: HR gave some people (most of which had superior hardware) similar problems but I (and a friend with the same OS, Mobo, 3d card, RAM, etc.) have played it from start to finish three times without incident.