View Full Version : Huge Bug After Game Completed

9th Mar 2013, 15:33

I finished TR yesterday and wanted to get 100% so I explored a bit and used fast travel, when suddenly the surroundings dissappeared.
I can glitch around out of the map but cant find a way to return to normal. Reloading checkpoint doesn't help me, same goes for verifying integrity of game files.

Thats where I am stuck:

And this is what the Map shows me where I am, which is completely wrong:

Is there a way to edit your location via console or smth ?

Thanks in advance!

Just saw that there is a Technichal Discussion Forum, I think it belongs there.
Would be kind if a someone can move this!

9th Mar 2013, 16:02
She is out of the map! Lucky to you :)) Let's wait for CD crew. Hope they could give you the solution

9th Mar 2013, 16:04
Himiko did it. She has shamanistic powers!

12th Mar 2013, 14:49
Himiko did it. She has shamanistic powers!

Man, I thought I killed this ***** :(

12th Mar 2013, 15:49
Have you tried to fast travel to every fast travel camp after this started happening?

12th Mar 2013, 17:10
I can't even get to a camp to attempt a fast travel! I'm stuck in this area.

EDIT: Okay, I "fixed" this myself. Took me half an hour or so. I marked a camp on the map, glitched around outside the way to the camp while checking with Q for it :D I used fast travel to the first camp now and this area works again!