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9th Mar 2013, 13:45
When I try installing the game from the disk ,the installation stops exactly at 533Mb and then steam automatically starts downloading the game. Since my bandwidth limit is only 10gb so downloading the entire game is out of question, so can any one suggest me a solution on how can I install the game from the disk?

Also what is the problem I am facing here?

(I tried installing the game on another pc ,but I still face the same issue)

9th Mar 2013, 14:19
thats funny.
it should automatically install from the disc. i assume you insert the disc, auto start, click on install and off you go. steam should show that its installing from the disc.

otherwise, i woulndt know either what you can do there. maybe check out the steam forum.

here, found this for you :) hope it helps

9th Mar 2013, 17:37
Thanks for your advice.

I tried the above procedure but it didn't work. I even uninstalled and installed steam,and tried installing again but I still face the same issue. Interestingly the disc stops reading exactly at 533Mb . Could this be the problem with the game disc?

(I tried coping the all the contents in the hard drive and tried installing it from there but still the same thing)