View Full Version : Game Goes Black Screen And Freezes (xbox)

9th Mar 2013, 11:07
(possible spoilers?) Okay so im at the part in the game where Lara is headed back to the beach to meet of with the rest of the Endurance crew to repair the boat attempting to leave the island. One of the islanders used a machine gun turret to shoot down a giant skeleton of a ship Lara was on, which then prompts you to jump from a few ziplines, followed by jumping into a river and going off a waterfall.

After going through a crack in the wall, Lara moves forward to find a broken bridge.... And thats where the game is broken. On the other side of this bridge is suppost to be the beach, but its not there. Nothing is there and when i approach the bridge, my screen goes black and freezes.

Ive tried reloading, ive tried installing game to harddrive, ive even tried shooting across the bridge in hopes i would hit something to bring it into the screen, but even grenades fall down as if nothing is there. How can I fix this? ive spent 15+ hours getting to this point collecting everything and i would hope I dont have to restart?

10th Mar 2013, 07:06
I fixed this issue by deleted the most recent title update. then you are able to progress..... however, didnt get far before i ran into another glitch that halts progression, which i will make another thread for