View Full Version : Lara hurt state not resolving properly

9th Mar 2013, 09:43
In the PC version, I was in Shanty Town and had just discovered the Lighter in the helicopter. I watched the cutscene and as soon as the fight began, I decided to quit the game.

Upon restarting and loading, there was no fight, and Lara was still in the "hurt" state where she moves more slowly, holds the wound in her belly and is unable to climb up walls.

When I tried climbing up a ledge, Lara dangled at the wall with one hand (but didn't say "This is too painful"), unable to pull herself up. However, a second or two later, without animation, she was grabbing the ledge with both hands. From there I was still unable to mount the ledge properly (you can half-jump, half-glitch up the ledge from here, but this is another issue altogether, I presume.)

I proceeded through the Shanty Town, fought the ambush at the gate and then went back to the Camp to save up. Upon quitting and reloading, Lara's state was properly reset.