View Full Version : continue game - PS3 Freezes - Please help

8th Mar 2013, 18:18
I'm about half way done with the game, at least i think that i am, and the game freezes. No suprises there. So i turn off the PS3 and restart. game loads fine. But.. when i try to load the chapter that i was on. It freezes again.

I deleted game data info. Not saved data, even took the game back and got a new one. Same thing over and over again. It will load multiplayer just fine.

Is there a way to go to a previous chapter or location and start from there?

Please help i want to finish this game

I'm at 57% done with the game.


8th Mar 2013, 23:50
I suggest that you might want to start another game on slot 2 or 3 and see if you can progress to the same point and get the same issue. I just want to verify that this is not a not time issue or that you might have a corrupted save.

9th Mar 2013, 00:13
It happened to me couple of times on 360.
Can it be the same thing?

9th Mar 2013, 00:54
For the Xbox360 try deleting the game files and starting from a different saved slot such as 2 or 3

9th Mar 2013, 01:06
I finished the game and was using all 3 save slots throughout the game. The freezing only happens with slot 3 where my final completion progress is being stored. Number 1 and 2 work just fine.

I have installed the whole game on hard drive. Do you want me to delete the whole game with all files?

9th Mar 2013, 01:49
If the freeze only happens on slot 3 then would it be possible to continue the game on the other save slots?

9th Mar 2013, 08:04
I started playing the game from the beginning and I save my progress on slot 1. So far it loads fine, but what should I do with save slot 3? Would overwriting the save slot solve the problem?

12th Mar 2013, 00:01
I would suggest the following:

1.Deleting the saved game and using a different slot
2.Over writing the corrupt saved game
3.Making a back up copy of your saved games

12th Mar 2013, 08:47
i have the same problem. deleted my saved game at slot 1. started to save it to slot 2. same thing happened. freeezzzes. will stop playing wait for you guys to figure something else. frustrated. ps3

12th Mar 2013, 10:15
The best solution I found is to make a backup copy of your save games. Do it once in a while and copy it on a usb storage device. If you experience problem with loading the save file, just replace it with the working one.