View Full Version : Ps3 game crash!!

8th Mar 2013, 17:57
So like all of you I bought tomb raider when it was released, I can't even play the dang game. At first my ps3 would just shut off when the main menu hit, and it leaves a blinking red light, after dusting and cleaning my system I can now start a game but can't get past the 1st mini puzzle while Lara Is still in the cave. Anyone else having issues like this for ps3?

8th Mar 2013, 18:06
I feel ya bud, you're not alone. My advice is to shelve it until the patch comes out. Sucks i know.

8th Mar 2013, 18:12
mine will load mulitplayer fine, but won't let me go back into the chapter/map that i was player before the game froze on me. freezes up everytime try clicking on continue game

8th Mar 2013, 18:17
Are you guys having power issues with your ps3 as well? And I was hoping to exchange it but if the problem is widely spread, seems pointless, also I want to throw in that when I took the game to my uncles house, the single player ran fine, multiplayer was a bit laggy, then I thought it was my ps3. but my system still runs all other games with amazing powerful engines like farcry 3 as well.

8th Mar 2013, 20:13
I"m not having power issues, just issues with the gameplay not working. I can play on multiplayer (little lagging) just wish they would fix the bugs in the game so i can finish the game.

8th Mar 2013, 20:34
I cannot boot up the game without it freezing on me. I even went back to the game store to exchange disks thinking I just got a dud. No Joy. Had a real heart attack when, after another freeze, my PS3 wouldn't read any disks! I have two PS3s and the game freezes on both. EIDOS, please, Tomb Raider is great from what I've played but it's breaking my systems!

8th Mar 2013, 21:51
No power problems here but the PS3 freezes then corrupts every time i try play this thing im not putting it back in until its fixed incase my system blows up!

And no my PS3 is not the problem its used daily by me and my brother, no other game does this and i have a lot.

Somone said the disc could be faulty im not sure about that, now that more people are complaining about it happening.

9th Mar 2013, 04:00

My ps3 got the ylod( red flashing lights) so idk if my tomb raider works, although when I cleaned out my vents and such, I popped in the game and no audio was the issue before my ps3 crashed, now I can't have my ps3 on for more than 5 min before it shuts off.. This sucks bad!! :(

9th Mar 2013, 18:14
Yeah! It's happening to me too! I have replayed the game like 5 times already. While playing the game for about 45 mins, the system will freeze, and when I reboot...the save game data will be corrupted! This is just super pathetic really!

11th Mar 2013, 07:49

I finally found a solution to the PS3 freeze problem.
Go to game data on the XMB delete the Tomb Raider data, Sign out of PSN, boot up the game then when prompted to install patch 1.01 hit O to decline.

I did this and have not had one freeze yet and have not came across any bugs so far but i would rather deal with a small bug than a system freeze every 5 minutes.

You can't sign into PSN though or the message appears again telling you to install the update so no multiplayer until you beat the awesome single player :).

11th Mar 2013, 07:58
Only bug or ****ty thing i´ve found on the PS3 was that the game froze in the middle of a scripted climbing sequence.

11th Mar 2013, 08:08
Yeah i have no idea why this only happens to a small amount of people, maybe certain models? I don't know but i do know this works and now everybody can play their game.

Only do this if everything else failed like deleting game data and installing it again, i tried this numerous times without success. Just hoping patch 1.01 didn't fix some game breaking bug on the last level or something or i'm screwed. lol