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8th Mar 2013, 16:52
First of all I want to just say that I've been a TR fan since day one at the age of 9 years old and have continued to play all iterations throughout the years. I've been looking forward to the newest release since it was originally announced so its been a painful wait for it. I was so excited to get it Monday through the post a day early, so instantly I rushed home from work and started on the multiplayer.

Apart from 2 freezes which I thought nothing of, seemed to run completely fine, I just re-booted my system and then jumped back in. When I was done for the night I installed it to my system and went to bed for work. Suddenly when I've been playing on both Wednesday, Thursday and today it has constantly crashing quite randomly, ALOT. I only started the single player today due to the multiplayer freezing on me but starting the single player crashing constantly, I've only managed to get as far as 2% in the game and its crashed 4 times.

The worst thing is its ONLY TR that is doing this. I can go on any other game, for example straight onto FIFA after restarting my 360 after a crashing and play for an hour or 2 without any issues at all. I only come to the forum because I'm so incredibly disappointed after anticipating the new game so much. I don't seem to find anyone else having this problem which is the main concern. I've got various pictures on my phone of different crashes when my system has locked up before I've hit the power button to turn it off, if I can I'll edit them up to show what various crash screens I'm getting.







8th Mar 2013, 17:05
Just FYI, I am playing on XBox and have played it from disc and installed on the hard drive and haven't had an issue. (I'm not saying its not a bug, but just letting you know that it could be something else)

8th Mar 2013, 17:11
Yeah thats a fair point, logically its going to be 1 of 3 things I'd imagine. Either my xbox is tanking because it can't handle having to process so much in a recent title. The disc is faulty or something within the game is making it break.

8th Mar 2013, 17:44
I would suggest try installing the game into your hard drive and check the disc for any scratches.

8th Mar 2013, 17:54
I've tried it installed and uninstalled but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Think the next step I'm going to try is running it on another console. I'm running on a recently purchased 120Gb HDD Elite whereas next I'm going to try it on one of the new model slims, if the problem persists I'll look to exchange the disc with the online retailer as 'faulty'. I was just curious if anyone else had encountered this crashing as it doesn't seem that widespread and I was really at an end as it began happening more frequently.

12th Apr 2013, 17:48
I have had this exact same issue, I've not managed to finish the game yet and it has crashed 20+ times, all random. At first I had the game installed to my HDD, but I have since removed it and the issues are still there!

I've also been and swapped the game for a new copy and within 10 minutes of putting the new disc in, it crashes. One time it even crashed at the main menu! I've tried loads of other games and never have any issues.

Anyone got any solutions to this? It is seriously ruining this game for me

12th Apr 2013, 17:59
If you are playing whilst connected to the internet, I would suggest disconnecting completely; I cannot guarantee that disconnecting with sort the problem, but my Xbox only ever crashes when I am playing online (multiplayer or not).
Obviously doing this would prevent you from playing the multiplayer, but until the issue is somehow resolved it'll have to do (assuming it works).