View Full Version : [Minor Spoiler] Gamebreaker Oni Temple - Cannot proceed. IMG provided.

8th Mar 2013, 08:33
Screenshots provided. Just when I was going to say "Damn this game is def a 10 out of 10" this unfortunate event has to occur.

No way to make that jump. Tried for 2 hours with no luck. Shots provided. Maybe there is a method I am missing. But as far as I can tell that wood pallet should be a climbing rock and made a bit lower because there is no way to make this jump. I also tried for 30 mins of swinging the cage towards me on the second floor platform and timing the jump to hit the outside cage where you can grab it, obviously with no luck.





The Grim Reaper
8th Mar 2013, 09:41
From the position on your last screenshot make a ninety degree turn and you will see a little ramp made out debris, use it to jump to the third floor and the swing the cage from there.

8th Mar 2013, 21:14
Sorry guess I misspoke last night since it was late. I climbed to the third floor where there is the map of the area and that silver chest. Tried swinging the cage towards me from all 3 angles with no luck. Is it just a timing issue or what else am I doing wrong?

The Grim Reaper
8th Mar 2013, 21:52
When you pull the cage towards you from the third floor you have to immediately jump on top of the cage and then, when it is close to the wooden board on the opposite wall, make a jump towards the board and from the board to the edge above it.

9th Mar 2013, 14:18
I had issues here too, even after i jumped on the cage, I always flew right off as it swung towards the gate.

This area is a bit messy.

9th Mar 2013, 15:49
From the beginning:

Go to the crank on the right and open the doors in the floor.
Go to the crank on the left and pull the cage out of the pit.
Go back to the crank on the right and close the doors again (can be done now or after the next step.
Jump and climb to the upper level in the center, use the rope arrow + ascender to pull the cage back and let it swing to break open the stones.
Go back down to the crank on the left and lower the cage again. It'll hit the doors over the pit, denting them and breaking the spike off.
Staying on the same level, go back to the center (same spot you pulled the cage from previously, just one level lower), and use the rope arrow again.
As the cage swings towards you, jump and climb onto it.
When it gets close to the far wall, run and jump to the ledge.