View Full Version : Error "could not initialise DirectInput"

8th Mar 2013, 04:54
Hey guys i have the steam version of this game. I am running 13.2 beta drivers from Amd. I have installed the games multiple times as well as re installing my video card drivers. I have also messed around with the game option to get this game to boot. All i have gotten so far is a black screen followed by "could not initialise DirectInput" I have also unplugged all of my controllers and even gone as far as deleting my xbox 360 controller driver! help!

11th Mar 2013, 17:49
Thank you for reporting this issue. I would like to know which version of DirectX you are running?

11th Mar 2013, 20:53
I would like to suggest before starting the game please go to your settings and uncheck Exclusive Fullscreen set within the launcher options menu. There are issues with this working on some systems configurations.