View Full Version : Issue with dual monitors. Game only plays on one.

8th Mar 2013, 03:11
I have two monitors with a single Nvidia GTX 680 card. One is a 1280x1024 max resolution and the other is 1900x1200.

The smaller one is my main/primary monitor as I do all my gaming on the bigger one.

No matter what I set in the game options for Tomb Raider, I can't get this game to play on my big monitor. I tell it to play on Display 2 (which I can confirm as the bigger monitor because my max resolution I can select is 1900x1200), but when I launch the game, it's on the smaller one.

The only way I can get this game to use my bigger monitor is if I set that one as my primary monitor in Windows.

Any ideas here???

I have Win 8 x64 by the way.