View Full Version : PS3 sound bug - Survival Instinct sound

8th Mar 2013, 01:34
Whenever I go into survival instinct mode, it sounds like my speakers are being blown out or something. It's not the loud boom that it should be but a crackle like they have been blown. Nothing is wrong with my sound system. Works on all other games. This game works perfectly except for that sound. Very distracting. Any tips? Playing on hdmi cord with a 5 speaker surround setup.

8th Mar 2013, 03:34
Hey there!

This sounds like an issue we can help troubleshoot on our Support website. Can you fill out a ticket so we can get a bit more information? I appreciate it!

Here is the link, and a rundown of how to create a ticket: http://support.eu.square-enix.com/j/tomb_raider

Creating a Ticket
Click on the “contact” button
When the next page loads, in the “Customer Service” section, click the “Get Support” button
The next page will direct you to select a category and subcategory e.g. Technical Support > Video/Graphics
In the Contact details, type a brief description of the problem and click “Next”.
Click “Next” again
This will provide an “E-mail Support” option, Click “proceed to E-mail Support”
Fill out the required information and click “Next”