View Full Version : survival instinct glitch

Freeman 22
7th Mar 2013, 23:06
Using survival instinct changes the game contrast.

I have to reload the game to fix the glitch. I am using a gtx 670 with 314.07 drivers. I completed half the game before noticing :mad:

7th Mar 2013, 23:11
2nd SS is how game looks for me most of the time (in darker areas) i though this is normal??

Freeman 22
7th Mar 2013, 23:23
2nd SS is how game looks for me most of the time (in darker areas) i though this is normal??

The glitch also affect bright areas, the game looks washed out.

8th Mar 2013, 00:29
I would like to suggest updating your driver to 314.14 beta. It should resolve some of the issue that you might be experiencing.

31st Mar 2013, 01:15
I have exactly the same problem. GTX 560 TI Hawk with the 314.22 Drivers here. The "funny" thing is that I also noticed it at the exactly same local of the screenshots, with half of the game completed. But I knew that was something missing...
Does anyone knows how fix it??

9th Apr 2013, 22:43
I'm playing the XBOX 360 version right now with the latest patch installed and it has the exact same glitch. As soon as I use Survival Instict, the whole game appears washed out. Cut scenes reset the picture to normal. Please fix this!

Edit: This problem seems to be connected with HDR. When I use S.I. in a bright place, the screen gets washed out. If I walk into a darker area, where HDR kicks in and dimms the brightness, the washed out look goes away too. The bright place from before will look fine, too - that is until you make use of S.I., which again washed out the screen.

10th Apr 2013, 17:20
I noticed this too on the bridge when Roth is sniping. It seems to go back to normal if a cutscene starts.
Hope this gets fixed on the latest patch...

29th Jul 2013, 08:06
Do you have any solution? It is anoying. Will it be for all second part (I have 46% completed) of the game, or will it disappear?