View Full Version : gps missing

7th Mar 2013, 19:01
i just finished the game and ive been running trough collecting everything ive missed, and ive come across a problem.in the mountain village one of the gps's is missing. it the one on top of the right building near the base approach exit,

ive looked at loads of walk through that show it up there but its not for me. ive reloaded and left the area and returned but no luck.;

and to be honest i dont want to have to replay the game again just for 1 achievement. any one have a fix on how i can make my last gps locator reappear.

7th Mar 2013, 20:20
I would like to suggest that checking the strategy guide for the game just to double check an make sure that it is not missing in the game.

7th Mar 2013, 23:23
its definatly there, the treasure map has left a marker there to show me where it is but its not there

8th May 2013, 07:29
Also experiencing problems with missing GPS caches. The ones mentioned in this thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=136769) (pictures included).

Edit: Scratch that. When I re-loaded the game, the issue had been resolved and the GPS caches were there. So, try that if anyone else has similar issues :)