View Full Version : Ledge Glitch on PC *SPOILERS*

7th Mar 2013, 18:24
I've run into a strange glitch. It contains spoilers so read at your own risk:

After you escape the monastary and Roth dies, you meet with the others and have to find Alex on the Endurance. When you come across one building where the Scavengers are working on generators, you have to fight your way up. At the top, there is a hanging crate like thing with a grabable ledge on the bottom. When I jump onto it, Lara grabs it, then after a second or 2, lets go without me pushing any buttons. I've tried OVER AND OVER and can't get her to stay on. What do I do?

If anyone can help with this, that'd be awesome

8th Mar 2013, 04:19
Hey there!

I think this issue could use a bit more detail and some one-on-one troubleshooting with our Suport website. Any chance you can fill out a ticket here?

Also, a photo or video might be very helpful!

Here is the link, and a rundown of how to create a ticket: http://support.eu.square-enix.com/j/tomb_raider

Creating a Ticket
Click on the “contact” button
When the next page loads, in the “Customer Service” section, click the “Get Support” button
The next page will direct you to select a category and subcategory e.g. Technical Support > Video/Graphics
In the Contact details, type a brief description of the problem and click “Next”.
Click “Next” again
This will provide an “E-mail Support” option, Click “proceed to E-mail Support”
Fill out the required information and click “Next”
Review the entered information and hit “Submit”