View Full Version : Campfire weapon upgrade screen stuck -PC

7th Mar 2013, 06:08
well i stuck at bug for like 2hrs and finally figure out a way to bypass, so i post it here for people who encounter the problem will know what u do

bug is
i just have all the parts of bow and it is upgrading to a new bow, it pop notice when i enter campfire, but after i click yes, screen will zoom so close i can't click the next yes. and all bottoms stop working, the only way is to shut and and restart the game, but same bug still appears.

i tried restart game, pc and update drivers nothing works, until i thought space might do the trick, so it did, during the notice i use space bar and it worked normally. so if u face same problem don't use your mouse, use space bar

7th Mar 2013, 11:45
thanks for the info. so far dint had it but good to know anyway. :)