View Full Version : Gamebreaking bug on Chapter 22(minor spoilers)

7th Mar 2013, 03:24
My game is bugged on chapter 22. the part where you have to raise the spiky elevator thing in the shrine and then close the gate that it came out of, the gate will not close and i can not raise the elevator after ive lowered it into the pit. i am not very happy cause im almost finished with the game and can now not finish it cause of this bug. PLEASE help me with this problem. this is super frustrating. i tried to solve this problem for almost 2 hours now and nothing works.

8th Mar 2013, 04:38
Hello there!

If you're still having an issue could you please fill out a customer support ticket on our website? I think with a bit more information we should be able to help you!

Here is the link, and a rundown of how to create a ticket: http://support.eu.square-enix.com/j/tomb_raider

Creating a Ticket
Click on the “contact” button
When the next page loads, in the “Customer Service” section, click the “Get Support” button
The next page will direct you to select a category and subcategory e.g. Technical Support > Video/Graphics
In the Contact details, type a brief description of the problem and click “Next”.
Click “Next” again
This will provide an “E-mail Support” option, Click “proceed to E-mail Support”
Fill out the required information and click “Next”
Review the entered information and hit “Submit”