View Full Version : Other devices lose wifi connectivity when running game

6th Mar 2013, 23:59
I have the steam version of this game and when I run the game, all other devices connected to my wifi router EXCEPT the machine running the game lose their connectivity. On my ipad, an overlay screen pops up (similar to the type of wifi registration screen you'd see when accessing public wifi) with the words "success" written in it. I'm able to replicate this issue 100% of the time and confirm that it does not happen with any other games on steam. Has anyone else experienced this or am I taking crazy pills?

7th Mar 2013, 05:41
hmm interesting i think it has something to do with your router settings, TR is probably using 100% of your available bandwith.

7th Mar 2013, 08:37
This is most likely either a router problem or a problem with your laptop. I recommend posting this in a PC hardware forum. Try majorgeeks.com or similar.

Also, I recommend using an ethernet cable when playing TR MP instead of wifi. Wifi technology isn't designed to play online MP games...yet.