View Full Version : save bugged??

6th Mar 2013, 23:51
so i played all the way to where the plane crashed on me and i had to go save the pilot. then i saved at the campfire. exited the game to main menu, pressed PS button to quit the game, went to playstation store to look at some games , then i turned off my ps3.

2hrs later, i went back into the game, select continue and saw my progression was at 2% instead of 20%. i went for it anyway, then at the campfire, i looked at my stuff and found out i lost all my skill upgrades, weapon upgrades, salvage points and collectables. i even lost all my discovered maps, so i cannot fast travel at all. but im still at my current story progression.

is this some kind of bug? i dont think my file is corrupted otherwise i would lose my story progression too. any1 having same issue?

7th Mar 2013, 00:11
Unfortunately that sounds like a corrupted save. I apologize for that happening. Here is a suggested fix.
i. Delete Game Data using the “Game Data Utility”
1. From the “Game” menu on the Crossbar when game is NOT running
2. Go to “Game Data Utility”
a. Be careful NOT to use the “Game Save Data Utility”
3. Delete the Game Data for Tomb Raider
4. If they like they may delete the game saves, but note any campaign progress will be lost.

7th Mar 2013, 00:20
thx for ur quick reply. that sounds really scary coz i turn off the game properly and everything and it still corrupts my file.

so, how do i make sure it wont happen again? i dont want it to happen again when im far into the game. i read that it happened to some ppl on other forums and they are like 80%+ into the game and they had to start all over again :(