View Full Version : PS3 Lara Stick Bug - Help please

6th Mar 2013, 21:12
I have got as far the mountain temple where you have to attack the Islanders and it went very glitchy and the camera kept jumping and I couldnt see where I was going. i then ended up in a hut with some wooden planks at the end. I managed to go through that and still had arrows tied to my back. It makes you jump from one section of the bridge to the next. I tried this and because of the arrows I died. I then respawned and the arrows were gone. I then walked up a hill where it tries to teach you how to do a silent kill with the bow and arrow. I dont have a bow and arrow so I get stuck here and cant go back or reload anyhting because it always brings me back to the same place. I cant go back in to the hut as it is now on fire.

Please can you advise me what to do or fix this as I dont want to have to start a new game!