View Full Version : Why does Profile limit download to 24hr after upload (PS3)

6th Mar 2013, 20:57
I have two ps3 systems. One main system and a backup for when my main system is in use for other purposes such as TV, Movie etc.

I purchased Tomb Raider 2013 as a digital download so I could install it on my two systems and switch between them. I do this with most of my games.

The problem is Tomb Raider 2013 restricts you from downloading your Profile Data from online storage for 24 hours after you upload it. This means I can't effectively move from one machine to another.

I don't understand why they implemented this limitation. No other game I own has this restriction. It really limits my enjoyment of the game since I can't play it whenever I want, I have to wait until my main system becomes available or wait 24 hours for the upload to be downloadable. By that time my main system will likely be available.

I am not sure what is stored in the Profile. Perhaps this isn't really an issue if I can do this once and not need to do it again. My concern is that there might be important data in the Profile which is updated as a part of the progress of the game.

Hopefully eidos can relax this limitation in a future update to the game.

8th Mar 2013, 09:15
I contacted eidos support to suggest they improve the PS3 version by not setting the Profile to a "Locked" status and this is the reply I received from them.

Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX support,

We apologize for any problems you experienced obtaining the content. However the issue you are describing is a problem with the PlayStation Network. Please contact Sony for further assistance. As the PlayStation Network is a separate service, managed by Sony, we cannot provide any assistance for it.

I hate this kind of response. This is not a Sony issue. No other game has this issue and I mentioned that in my email. It is the developers of Tomb Raider they chose to make the profile a locked save file. Sony Playstation Network just honors this request by setting limitations on the copying of this file.

Well hopefully some TR developer will notice this thread and understand the issue. Otherwise I think I am out of luck on this ability.