View Full Version : How to activate Push to Talk on Multiplayer?

6th Mar 2013, 20:11
Hi everybody

I really like Tomb Raider, but i have a little problem.
Is it possible to activate Push-to-Talk for the Multiplayer or didn't they implement this feature?? Or am i just too stupid to find it? :D

Thanks for your help

Greez Killerkoloss

12th Mar 2013, 18:57
wondering if multiplayer has a push to talk key like most games do. i use teamspeak and mumble when playing games like these with my clan members and i dont want to be anoying when im talking to them in vent/mumble and i play my speech to both team members and opponents when im talking to my clan members .

so can someone let me know if theres a way to activate/use push to talk in this game for pc and ty for ur time

12th Mar 2013, 18:59
wondering the same thing

12th Mar 2013, 19:01
I set it in Steam client to use push to talk, but it does not seem to be working, because the only way to disable in game speach I found so far, was to disable the mic completely through control panel, problem is then you can't use team speak or Skype as I prefer to do.
I would relly like some clarification on the mic issue on PC, there have been a few threads about this already but no official response, as far as I know.