View Full Version : 1.st level tapping E Pc version

6th Mar 2013, 07:21
hi all i have problem with E tapping at the first level i also use game pad but still i cant remove this split from lara can anyone pass it and upload save game folder thanks a lot

6th Mar 2013, 16:07
I can't really tell what you're saying your problem is. Please try to describe it better.

If you're having the same problem I was where when the game asks you to press 'E' to open crates, doors, etc and it's not registering that you're pressing 'E' fast enough (or so it seems). Then just exit the game completely and reload it, and the game starts reading your keypresses properly again. It's a bug I found yesterday.

If that's not the answer to your problem, please restate your problem with a clear description of what is going on and how you got there, etc. Your post is about as clear as mud.