View Full Version : Is this a bug?

6th Mar 2013, 03:46

First link has quest information and my current location, do not open if you wish to avoid spoilers, however small they may be.


This is my problem. I believe this door is suppose to be destructible using the rope arrow.


Alternate views.


Craft's instinct shows that there is a rope wall behind a regular wall.

I have tried every option that I can find, there is not a way around the wall as far as I can tell, it isn't destructible using the tools I have access to, and there are no objects that Craft and her instincts notice, other than some bombs which do not* have an affect on this obstacle.

If there is a way around this door that I am missing, please tell me. I have been stuck here since around 11 hours ago. Restarting my computer and the game do not change the results at all.

EDIT: I confirm this was a bug. When I went back and replayed the entire game to that point, an event occurred that striped away the wood blocking the rope when every enemy was defeated.