View Full Version : No Disk Error

6th Mar 2013, 02:12
So I just downloaded this astounding game, launched it, maxed it out and was very surprised to see how gorgeous this game was. 20 minutes later I get an error. "No Disk Inserted; Please Insert Disk" or something like that. Tried again, same error. Called customer support and they tried to assist me, great guy, they said this was the first that they have heard of this. Any help would be appreciated. My graphics card is a GTX 670 FTW


6th Mar 2013, 05:33
I have the same issue as above, any ideas or suggestion on how to fix this??

6th Mar 2013, 19:26
I get this to sometimes, GTX 680, we need to waite for a patch because their are major performance and stability issues with GeForce GPUs, mainly 600 series running Tomb Raider. Should be at the end of the month for a patch, sucks I know, How did they not know this before release?

7th Mar 2013, 03:34
I rolled back my drivers from the 314.14 beta drivers to 314.07 drivers and it fixes it somewhat. I still get the error but now I can atleast play it for a little bit before getting it again. But still...

7th Mar 2013, 05:16
i got it to work, i reformat my computer and reinstalled steam and Tomb Raider, plus download drivers 310.90(rollback) and its working like a charm now, with every setting on, except exclusive FS. :nut: . Hopefully they come out with a patch and new drivers for Geforce Video cards.

P.S. it only runs steady 30 frames , with SLI 670. But no crashes so far and it runs smooth in my 54 inch LCD screeen.