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Paul Phoenix
5th Mar 2013, 23:33
Update: This bug was fixed in the 'v1.00.718.4' Patch !


I found an interesting bug/glitch while testing Tomb Raider (2013).

Let's start with my system spec:

GPU: Nvidia 9800 GT (1 GB vram)
Drivers tested: 296,10 ; 306.81 ; 310.90 ; 314.14

CPU: Intel C2D E8500 3,2 ghz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 on 667 mhz (333 FSB 1:1)

Resolution: 1280x800 (16:10, 75hz)

OS: Win XP SP3 (32bit), Win 7 Home SP1(32bit)


The glitch/bug:

So, since my card does not support DX11, I wanted to play on Win XP. This is where my problem starts. The game works fine and i get an avarge 67fps in DX9 maximum settings, but the 'Post Processing' effects are strange, even when i turn them off the game is still "broken", I cant really explain it, look at the pictures (same results both on max and low settings):


Missing god-ray effect, and strange graphical glitch around Lara's head (probably caused by missing god-ray)

So, I moved to Win7 (dual-boot), to test with the same settings, and it worked like it should (I still get some weird "black lines/dots" glitch when the game boots, but nothing while I play). Win 7 runs in DX10 (TombRaider.log says DX11 with "not supported features"), but I wanted to test in DX9 too. I used regedit to edit the 'RenderAPI' REG_DWORD from 0 (automatic) to 9 (which supposed to be DX9), and the glitch came back on Win 7 too.

Okay, I should play on win7 dx10, right? Yea, but I only get an avarge 50 fps with 37 min and 59 max (using the new beta driver, I got an avg 37 fps on the old) while on Win XP my frame rate is a lot higher: 48 min/67avg/75 max, and I see no difference between DX10 and DX9 (graphical-wise), so I would like to play in a glitch-free DX9 mode.

What is the problem? I don't know, but it's something with DX9, maybe it happens only on my PC.

If you guys know anything which helps, then please tell me, I would really appreciate it, thanks !

6th Mar 2013, 00:55
Thank you for submitting the bug you are experiencing. This is a concern of ours and it will be looked into. We also encourage others to submit similar problems and document your process regarding to solving the issue.