View Full Version : Camera and aim control options?

5th Mar 2013, 14:13
The game looked so promising in trailer yet it failed to provide some handy option as a third person shooter

I normally play TPS with camera control inverted then normal control while aiming(Well Uncharted series to be precise, since this is the only series of games that I know of provide such option); but in this game, there is only one option to invert Y axis of camera, which is disappointing indeed.

I wonder if there is any chance that a new patch can be introduced to add these functions?

and this is how I would like to see the menu to be


5th Mar 2013, 20:19
I hope so too, otherwise I won`t be able to play the game.

7th Mar 2013, 09:07
Same problem for me on PS3 I like to play on TPS game with Y and X axis inverted.

9th Mar 2013, 11:53
just left my reply in the feature request thread ppl who replied here should also consider left few word there to have our opinion heard

12th Mar 2013, 19:17
I'm playing in Xbox360 and I'm almost tired of trying to play that way. I always invert camera -x and y axis- and is very hard to play specially when enemies attack. When Lara moves I can control but when Lara has to aim is really, really hard to do it for me. I'm tired of dying again and again.