View Full Version : LONG waits MP black screen

5th Mar 2013, 12:19
It seems that between rounds, as well as after a game and going back to menu, there are LONG waits, sometimes moderate but sometimes more than a couple minutes long, and the screen is just black. You have no idea what is happening. Is the game frozen? What's happening? I mean right now I've been sitting here for 3 minutes already...

This is on PC, on Steam. Windows XP. NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT. DX9, latest drivers. 1680x1050.


I've had this happen frequently... more than half a dozen times so far... when it goes to the next round, suddenly half the players will be gone, and the game will give a warning to the effect of, "if more players don't join, the game will be cancelled."

Every time it happens, everyone in the match is just :scratch:

Windows XP, DX9, Steam, Geforce NVIDIA 8800 GT, 1680x1050, etc... I don't think it's my system that's the problem :)


When the "host migration" or "not enough players" popups occur, the mouse icon comes up in order to acknowledge the message.

But then, once acknowledged, the mouse icon sticks around, and you can no longer use the mouse to rotate the camera around your camera.

No matter going into menus, alt-tabbing out and back in, the mouse control as camera function was lost.


I'm running 1680x1050.

One cosmetic thing is the odd non-centered text for Yes/No confirmation buttons.


Another maybe a bit more important thing is that when you respawn, there are two sets of options that go by, but these are all jumbled at the bottom of the screen.