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5th Mar 2013, 07:23
I already reported this problem with Hitman: Absolution (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=133081), now the same happens with Tomb Raider. I'm using 3 monitors in Eyefinity 3x1 plus a 4th monitor in extended desktop mode, this way:


The game looks horrible at 5760x1080, menus are stretched, as well as gameplay. It does not matter if I set aspect ratio to 16:9, 16:10, auto or whatever. It looks like this (you can't see the 4th monitor on the photo, it's in another table)



If I disable the extended 4th monitor, Tomb Raider aspect ratio works fine in Eyefinity 3x1 and both the game and the menus look fine. But I need that 4th monitor for HDMI audio (it goes to the AV receiver you see on the photo) and hardware monitoring while I'm gaming. Please, fix this problem.

5th Mar 2013, 09:45
Custom aspect ratio.

Disadvantage This trick only increase horizontal field of view and leaving vertical changes can result in a distorted image.

Start the Registry Editor.
Vista and later: opens the Start / Start Menu, type regedit, press Enter.
Windows XP: Press Windows + R, type regedit, press Enter.

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Crystal Dynamics \ Tomb Raider \ Graphics \ AspectRatio
With their chosen aspect ratio, for example, 16000 in decimal to 16:10.

In my case for 5760x1080 is D055 in hexadecimal or 53333 Decimal.

A greeting.

8th Mar 2013, 19:12
I already tried that. It fixes the ratio problem, but button icons sometimes are displayed out of the screen (like on QT events). It's a problem that must be fixed by the developers.

13th Apr 2013, 08:08
I'm glad to report that this issue has been fixed with the Tomb Raider update released on April 12th. Thanks Eidos! Now you need to apply the same update to Hitman: Absolution.