View Full Version : Graphic glitch

4th Mar 2013, 21:48
Hi all

I get a pretty bad, near-show-stopping graphic glitch at the end of the smuggler's den, before Lara emerges and sees the plane and shipwrecks. After the smushed-by-a-rock QTE, a little run forward and the screen changes to a radial stretch of brown and flesh tones. The dirt screen overlay works fine, just no Lara. I tried to take a screenshot but Steam's overlay keeps getting upload errors when I try. I ran forward for a while to see if it was some kind of special effect, until Lara did a grunt of either falling or running into a wall (couldn't see, obviously). I then quit to menu and reloaded the save. The save claimed 0% completion, though had been on 2% when I had previously reloaded it. After the reload everything was back to normal, just in time for the climb to the outside QTE (there might be ever so slightly too many guicktime events in the early game, sorry).

I'm running Windows 8 64bit, core i5, GEForce nVidia GTX650 TI (not overclocked though, it's also brand new), 8gb ram. Running Tomb Raider through Steam. All my drivers are up to date, and I had to re-install windows from scratch recently so there isn't alot of ways it can be a conflict.

Seems to be alright after that point though, have to go to uni so haven't gone any further than climbing the plane.

ETA: Running with ultra settings, had a massive frame rate drop from water.