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2nd Mar 2013, 08:38
When you're riding down the Funicular later in the game, you can see numbers which denote the various sublevels. I noticed something odd though... there's no 27. Goes right from 26 to 28. Does this hold any significance? On any other game, I'd pass it off as me over-thinking what could very possibly be a mistake or otherwise, but on this game...

I have no leading theories, but I'm going about this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_(number)) page trying to think of what it would most likely mean. Any thoughts?

4th Mar 2013, 08:10
The Greeks were into their numbers, of course, which links to sacred geometry.

Here are some points found whilst a-googling:

*27 is a perfect cube (3³= 3 × 3 × 3).
*There are exactly 27 straight lines on a cubic surface.
*27 is the 1st # inscribed by Homo Sapiens on the oldest known document.
*Plato believed 27 was the highest revered #.
*Plato believed God created the soul of the universe using #27.
*The 54 Mental Phenomena (27x2),in Buddhism is the cause of reincarnation.
*The sum of the 7th odd & 7th even numbers is 27. (13 + 14 = 27)
*Numerologists say 27 means to look deep into reality.

4th Mar 2013, 19:39
Maybe cause the game is set in 2027

13th Jan 2015, 20:44
I've figured out a "majority" of this number AS WELL AS many OTHER patterns "hidden" in this game. I've begun creation of a few Steam Guides to try to explain my understandings. It's "kinda-sorta" related to their Missing Girls challenge they made. In fact, their paint-can challenge is COMPLETELY tied-in to this as well. My guide will show you how as soon as it's published.

I've accept SquareSoft's challenge, but I want a bit more done before I post it. It's QUITE LONG. I mean, as in HOLY CRAP long... I gotta use a ton of pictures and videos to explain the #27 ALL the way through the game. Which leads me to my MOST important question of the moment...

Is there any die-hard DXHR fans on Steam that wanna help me finish this? Only serious inquiries please. There's TOO much work and NOT enough willing hands. Once you see the work I've ALREADY put into this guide, you'll understand.

Wait... why relegate this moment to fans only? Anyone in Square-Enix (such as a play-tester) interested as well?

Yes, Constable McCann!!! This is hereby my official notice that I have accepted the challenge to figure out the Cold Cases while you take a hearty nap in your office! Unless, i get lucky enough to have such a comfy chair!

13th Jan 2015, 21:09
I have no idea what you're talking about.

14th Jan 2015, 00:43
Consider me dazed and confused.

14th Jan 2015, 17:55
Lady of the Vine seems VERY clued in with the information she posted regarding the #27 itself. I'm more interested in the "practical" approaches regarding the #27( being utilized with tracking the stars and time) RATHER than the "esoteric" approaches regarding the number. Honestly, there's SOO many things about this number, it's not funny. It's the base number for when counting in Sanskrit mathematics (WAYYY beyond me for now). I'm TRYING to explain a few of these things in my guide... but I CAN admit... the #27 has virtually FLIPPED my life upside down. Here's the challenge made by MDM and company...
Here's the paintcan counting challenge...

Which leads to the main question I have for now... I'm lousy at research. I TRULY am. Has ANYONE actually counted the number of paint cans in each level as "challenged" by Mary DeMarle in the commentaries? The commentary itself can be found on Sarif Manufacturing Plant INSIDE the very FIRST door where you question the police officer for info. Are there any sites dedicated to this at all BESIDES the forums here? ANyone interested in helping me re-count these darned things? I'm hoping there's sites already covering this so I don't have to RECOUNT these and RECOUNT these over and over... see?

Now, I'm hoping I'm NOT wrong, but THUS far I've counted 135 paint cans for THIS map alone. IF I AM RIGHT, I can point out that 135 = #27 x 5. (In Left 4 Dead, the achievement to get 53,595 kills? 53,595 = 27 x 1980). Now, I play games trying to get 100% achievements BUT now I'm looking for these patterns (I'm focused on the #27, can't you guess?).

To make a VERY LONG and COMPLICATED story short... I've created a Steam Group regarding BOTH the #27 AND the challenges made by SquareSoft/Enix. I've started cataloging EVERY game I own that HAS these numbers repeating over and over... here's my Master Game List so far:

I have yet ANOTHER Steam Guide (currently hidden) regarding the pattern of numbers in these games showing that they ALSO believe as I believe... that the Gregorian Calendar is a complete SCAM! A few companies that seem to SHARE this belief as I do is Square/Enix, Valve Software, BethesdaSoft, Activision, EA GAmes, 2K Games & Rocksteady JUST to name a FEW. I've got screenshots and videos ready to publish this information too. BUT I really could use some help from those who wish to be a part of something really BIG (imho... why ELSE would ALL these "competing" game companies start working in "unison"?).

Please let me know in the Steam Group as I tend to get "into-the-zone" with these darned games! And I REALLY wish to finish what I've started, but I need some good old-fashioned help.

14th Jan 2015, 20:16
So a bunch of time spent looking for hidden meanings and pretending there are some kind of Illuminati secrets where there actually aren't any? No thanks. That paint can thing is a joke about how the whole game is yellow. It has nothing to do with numerology, the number 27, or any of the other conspiracy stuff you're talking about.

15th Jan 2015, 00:18
Reminds me of this film:


You can probably find any number like that if you go looking for it.

15th Jan 2015, 01:20
I would just like to mention in passing that in the sixth season of Lassie, the episode # 27 was titled "Clementine".

Oh yes. Clementine! (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=87464&page=337&p=2082403&highlight=clementine#post2082403)

16th Jan 2015, 12:29
Lady of the Vine seems VERY clued in with the information she posted regarding the #27 itself...
Haha, I am not clued up at all. Like I said, I retrieved the info from Google to share. :D
Greek mythology and sacred geometry appear to be recurring themes in the DX universe - eg. Panchaea, Icarus, Daedalus etc.

19th Jan 2015, 00:17
Ha. Another one of these threads.

Oh my darlin' Clementine, they are taking their sweet time with DX4. Troubled development, or long-haul labor of love? We shall see.

This forum merger hasn't boded too well for the community though. Oh well.

19th Jan 2015, 05:40
Ha! It's worse than you'd think, actually! Googling 27 and HR to find something clever to add to this delirium (hence the Lassie thing), I came across an older thread on the previous board rambling about the same ****. And I'm pretty sure the dude was actually serious.

Apparently there is literally so little to cover, the insanity has survived the merger and crossed over from one board to the other. I'm somewhat frightened by the thought that this person, if it's the same poster, has continued looking for clues and signs about the number 27 for well over a year, came across this topic and resurrected it.

We really, really need SOME NEWS to discuss! Sacha? Anything?

19th Jan 2015, 06:28
We really, really need SOME NEWS to discuss! Sacha? Anything?

*sheds a small tear from the corner of his eye, before taking a deep breath and clicking the log out button*