View Full Version : Have spin-off series on Xbox One?

2nd Jun 2014, 04:19
Well let me start saying that I dont mind if KH 3 is on xbox.. i careless since I know Sony (aka PS) will still have the main stories (at least i hope so) but i am worried that they may start putting new spin-off like KH 3D and 358/2 which in my opinion are important for the story.. but since they are starting to put KH series on xbox.. you think they may put exclusive spin-off for the xbox? (i know they probably will make a 3.5 in few years for the KH 3, 3D and ??? on the PS) but that will take a lot of time (1-3 years) and i dont want to buy a xbox just to play one game just like i did with the nintendo 3D (i just bought it for KH games LOL)

what you think?

and please Square Enix dont add an exclusive for the xbox.. xbox one cost 400+ and i dont want to spend that much money just for one game :( i dont mind nintendo 3D since its only 100 (for 2D) and 200$ (3D) so its fairly cheap for me,


2nd Jun 2014, 11:55
The Wii U is probably going to be the one to get the spin-off (due to KH3 coming out for PS4 and Xbox One but not the Wii U), but that doesn't mean that future titles won't be released on Xbox One and PS4.

12th Aug 2014, 03:45
Why do you hope the main story stay exclusive to ps are you that much a fanboy that you don't want to see your fellow kh fans on Xbox happy. ppl like me wont buy KH3 NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless we get a collection that has 1.5 and 2.5 remix so if you want square to do well and if you care about Xbox fans wishing something like that makes no sense .

18th Aug 2014, 17:35
Because chances are...if you're a "fan" of Kingdom Hearts, you already own a PS3