View Full Version : Surround Sound?

26th Feb 2013, 01:06
I have a 5.1 system and i was wondering if TR is designed for 5.1. Underworld sounded okay, but not special. I know it will have 5.1, but will it be really good?

26th Feb 2013, 11:23
pretty much every game has it and im sure it will sound good. already in underworld it was very clear to hear if someone is behind me. even the growling from the tigers.
but if still unsure, you can always ask in the Q&A thread or the live interview session about the pc.

26th Feb 2013, 11:35
I plan to plug in my Surround Sound and have it at least at 99% :D
Dirty moaning or not, Plymouth will know I'm playing the game :lol:

26th Feb 2013, 11:48
lol. i have always my 5.1 plugged in. but of course you have to make sure you changed the settings to 5.1 as well. your sound card should have a cd that has the right drivers and programs on it to support it even better.

2nd Mar 2013, 22:34
I don't think it has true 5.1 sound I was hoping for 7.1 audio tbh but it would be lovely to get some clarification on this.

5th Mar 2013, 08:53
5.1 works fine for me, PC version

5th Mar 2013, 09:35
for me too. sounds great and in the caves it really gives you the feeling you are in one. the grunting and other noises are all over the place :D

5th Mar 2013, 13:36
I actually have it to my Dolby Home Theater surround sound works perfectly
for playing Tomb Raider :D