View Full Version : Show off your Tomb Raider gear!

21st Feb 2013, 17:47
We'd love to see snaps of fans modeling their Tomb Raider gear, so feel free to post them here for all to admire / drool over.

We'll keep this OP updated with all photos we receive :)

22nd Feb 2013, 11:03
Can we post all our TR merchandise or just merch from this one game?

24th Feb 2013, 21:45

BANG! I already got this tee when I was in Vegas for CES!

25th Feb 2013, 14:50
Can we post all our TR merchandise or just merch from this one game?

I think we should keep this thread just for TR store merchandise so that fans can see what Tomb Raider Store goods are like in real life!

25th Feb 2013, 19:18
@Maxraider, that is a very nice wall you have there! :D

25th Feb 2013, 19:22
@Maxraider, that is a very nice wall you have there! :D

Thanks! :)

1st Mar 2013, 07:24
Exclusive TR shirt that I got at work.


1st Mar 2013, 23:39
whoot! now im all set for march 5th! <3

shaun bragg
5th Mar 2013, 15:48
i got this with the collectors guide.

25th Mar 2014, 21:38
Here's a bit of feedback for anyone thinking about getting some TR gear:

The Logo T is among one of the most comfortable and softest shirts I have ever worn. I'd wear it everyday if I wasn't concerned about the text fading lol

Yoga pants are made of thick material and very stretchy (I'm willing to bet they can brave the dryer) but I find them a bit too long. Should come with a label - Yoga pants not for actual yoga :rasp:.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality that I am writing about it here for you.


28th Dec 2014, 23:31
I recently purchased a shirt, ballcap, and travel mug off the site.

With the shirt, you get a very nice graphic on front, but strangely the bow cuts off at the seam when it could easily have wrapped around the back of it a bit.


It's very comfortable, and the tag is very pleasing. I can't stand tags that stick out and scratch your neck all day, so the sewn on tag is a nice touch. And it looks good as well. It's not 100% sewn on, so you'd be able to hang it off of a hook if you'd like, which again, is a nice touch.


If I have one critique about the shirt, it seems like there's a lot of wasted space. The graphic hugs the left side, which is a good visual and unique style that I dig, but it leaves emptiness on the right. There are no logos on the backside, nor on the sleeves. I think a logo or something on the right sleeve would've added a bit of balance to the off centered graphic (which again, I dig). Overall, I like it a lot. Very pleased with it. And the size small is the perfect fit for myself. Being a person of "short stature", I find that shirts in size small are either slightly too small, or just right. This one is just right. Great shirt.

The ballcap is an ok fit. I've got a tiny noggin' (apparently), so even getting the small/medium "one size fits all" flex fit, I still had to wash it once to shrink it down a bit to get it to fit right and feel comfortable. But the stitching looks great. I'm normally not a fan of stitched work as I just don't trust the longevity of it, but this looks built to last. I'm actually not a hat person, to be honest. If I wear one, it's usually a basic black with no logo (I do not endorse products I don't 100% believe in) but I've worn this ever since I got it. Very comfy, well worth the $ spent. And here it is on it's resting place when I'm not wearing it (forgive the brightness, it's right next to a wall sconce)...


The inside lining and tag of the hat is pretty cool as well. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, it drew my attention more than it probably should have. I suppose it could be the way the colors contrast the black...


Then the mug, which is disappointing. I'm not a fan of "plug and go" mugs. I prefer screw on threaded caps so as to not worry about/actually experience spills and drips. Unfortunately the cap is plug style, not threaded. And has a slider sipper, which I'm also not a fan of. Those I do prefer to be plug style.


The bottom has a sort of rubberish ring around it, which I'm assuming is so as to cut down on needing a coaster. Never seen one like it before, but I usually buy cheap when it comes to travel mugs as they don't hold up long regardless in the enviornments I work in.


The graphic looks great, but doesn't feel as though it'd hold up well after a couple of washes. It is not a "machine wash" mug as the slip that comes with it will tell you. So, due to the "frailness" of the graphic, I've personally opted not to use the mug as it looks to good and I like it too much to risk ruining it. So on the shelf the mug goes, a nice looking bit of TR merch that even though I am afraid to use for fear of ruin, am still happy to have. It's just a gorgeous mug, plain and simple. Not much for function, but nice to look at. It is dead center of the mug though, which again, is a unique placement. From what I've seen, mind you.



Overall I'm very pleased with my purchases. I was on the road when the package arrived, so I can't say how long the wait was for shipping. Very satisfied. And no, I do not work for CD or the store.