View Full Version : Savegame Protection - Proposal/Wish

1st Jun 2014, 15:02
Hello Community,

I love playing Final Fantasy games, starting with FX VIII.

I played Lightning Returns on my old PS3, the 60GB variant. Unfortunately they YLOD error occurs and I have to buy a new PS3.
The savegames I copied onto a USB stick as a regular backup, but without testing.
Now I must learned that this kind of backup doesn't work for savegames when they are bound to the playing user.

I'm allowed to load the savegame, but no trophies are saved anymore and no new savegames can be created.

I know that this is a protections feature to hinder cheat programs manipulating savegames.
For me means playing having fun. The game / the story is for players to enjoy them.

Therefore please be so kind to remove the bondage of savegames.