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26th Aug 2012, 08:17
HI there,

As a customer of the "new" release of Final Fantasy VII PC, I expect TWO things that SHOULD (must) be done as later updates.

First :

- BRING BACK THE REAL OST ! This is one of the most important part of this game ! We need the real musics ! I don't think this will take you much time to do it. And I think that most (near all) the fans of this game want this at least like me.

Second :

- At least, with our money spend, you can make the 2D plans looks better by recasting it ! It won't take you that much time to do it. Just look by yourself, it's kinda outdated. We payed and I personally was expected a little more work done out there ( success and boost... lol).

I'm a fan, and I just want you to keep the dream true.

27th Aug 2012, 18:40
Well I do agree the whole OST debalace was a complete DUH WHA?

I mean really, the PC versoin had THREE different possible soundtracks and they chose the WORST one.

Seriously, even the XG MIDI data playing in a GM sound module would sound better than the GM MIDI data in a GM sound module.

Though of course, their verison of the soundtrack isn't all bad, its just not that good either.

I can't blame them so much though, it would have took quite a bit of tinkering to get the right soundtrack of the PC version anyhow. As in, they would have either needed a old computer laying around or an MU80 sound module. Obviously they couldn't just go out and buy a 200 dollar sound module just all of the sudden. I wonder who did this re-make music verison though, its hard to tell if they just ran it through some random sound module laying around or if they used some kind of Digital program.

29th Aug 2012, 12:05
Dammit I should have looked the forums before buying the game. I really liked this game, but not as much as the Fanboys and I don't think this is the best game in the series, but it IS a real good game. Not as much to be in ALL BEST GAMES OF ALL TIME LISTS. I playied a borrowed copy of FF7 and haven´t time to play it as I would like, so i thought that was a good idea to buy this version, instead of buying the PS1 version that is avaible in the PSN. I like the old graphics, I'm kind of nostalgic with those things, but it's almos impossible to play it on HI-Res TV's, so that's why I thought it was a good idea. And now I'm not pretty sure...

Square why did you do that? You could have done more than those lame achviements and HiRes support? Just that? No soud upgrade? New menus maybe?

The only thing that comes to mind is this. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt39TNCpRTg)

I hope the mod comunity can come with something better for us. There is a music mod. And I hope square comes up with something too 'cause well..........WE PAID FOR IT! Ok, sorry.......

That's what happens when you want to help your favorites publishers......

29th Aug 2012, 19:30
Servers are down atm so I can log in or play. I called and its an issue atm. Why does this game have DRM? Since their servers are botched I can't play? Not cool. They need to update this ASAP. If this is how future SE games will be on PC I am done.

30th Aug 2012, 01:03
Yes the sound file does suck however I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone expected upgraded graphics. The website does not express any implication that there may even be a chance of that. That and the claim that "we paid for this" is really a spurious argument. Yes you did as I pay for exactly what they said they were giving us. I have the original on my PS1 and still play it to this day however just in case it should stop working I thought it would be a good idea to own this. I never once thought I was slighted by the graphics. The sound yes a bit but then you can download files to fix that.

30th Aug 2012, 16:22
I wasn't expected that much, of course, but still, the game can be a little more updated, they could have done some work on it, we don't give a ***** about achievements (won your first battle... really?). I'm still hoping for an update about the music. That is a really crucial point in the game. 2D plans, well... jesus can't hear I think. I just wanted to know to square that they have fans behind them, and feedback.

30th Aug 2012, 16:38
There are ways to update the music if you choose to. Doesn't cost you anything either. There are forum posts on it already, and I got the OST from one of them. It works great, just like the original PS version.

30th Aug 2012, 17:25
I'm not really sure what you mean by "make the 2D plans better by recasting it" but I pretty much agree with the rest of your post.. I don't think anyone was expecting a full-blown remake. But there are other minor things they could have done to update the graphics engine.

Proper Widescreen support, updating the existing textures with higher resolution versions, as well as the existing models, etc. I haven't even tried playing any of the mini-games yet, but if those are still borked up then an FPS limiter could have been added, etc.

As far as the music goes, I know there are people out there working on OGG substitutes. I just started my own personal project, based around small file size overall, and being as accurate as possible with the loop points. If anyone wants to test out my test track (I appreciate knowing it loops properly for other people as well) they can go here to my thread (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235/29352265/Proof_of_Concept:_PSX_OST__test_file_%28makoro.ogg%29)

8th Jul 2013, 01:05
I think that will make the PC release of FF7 better

1. Make it DRM-free
2. Add a steamworks and let your fanbase mod it. It will only the modding community that are fans of FF7 upgrade the game, meaning the HD remake will be by the modding community for the FF7 fanbase.
3. Square Enix everytime you made a release, you tweak it for the best. This is what is lacking on this re-release.
4. This will be a great time to bring Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII to the PSN.
5. Release Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to the digital market such as UltraViolet, iTunes store, and Amazon's movie store.