View Full Version : Thief: Deadly Shadows, EAX and the new Sound Blaster Z sound cards...

12th Feb 2013, 23:34
Currently I have a Audigy 2 ZS, Win7 64-bit and Alchemy for full EAX effects in game. It works great. This card is old and I want a new one with better sound quality.
Sound Blaster Z seems a great card. It uses the same Sound Core 3D chip as Recon3D but the sound is way superior, due to the new DACs on the board. Sadly, it doesn't have EAX/OpenAL in hardware.
These implementation are software only (via drivers). What I want to know is: will I be able to enable the following settings and get full EAX sound effects in the game, with the Sound Blaster Z ?
Audio Hardware Mixing
EAX Advanced HD
EAX Multiple Environments

Thank you.