View Full Version : Tai Yong Medical logo font?

9th Feb 2013, 17:21
Hello hello! I'm currently modifying my desktop, and I'm hung up on my music skin. Since I'm basing my rainmeter theme on Tai Yong Medical theme this time around, I'm desperately looking for the font or one similar to the logo in the TYM logo (http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Tai_Yong_Medical).
Here's my current progress.

10th Feb 2013, 08:23

this might help.
It's probably an edited font (shortened width and the - removed from A)

10th Feb 2013, 09:08
Went from WhatTheFont > Identifont and the most similar font shown was Barcode Three or something.
I'm still hoping to get an answer from someone who recreated the Tai Yong logo on deviantart. :(