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8th Feb 2013, 05:02
Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm DX Denton, and as my name suggests, I'm a hardcore Deus Ex fan. I'm currently writing 3 Deus Ex novels, all of them being sequels. They are Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside; Deus Ex: Access Denied and Deus Ex: Frozen Hell. The new protagonist is DX Denton, the Tertiary unit, the third Denton Clone whose adventures in Apocalypse Inside lead to the defection of Daedalus from Majestic-12, allowing JC to survive. Both Access Denied and Frozen Hell take place after Invisible War, in a world governed with wisdom by Helios, a Transhumanist utopia with nano-augmentation ubiquitous. Not everyone is satisfied with the new world order, the Knights Templar, The Omar cyborgs and the remains of the Illuminati flee to a newly-established Martian colony in pursuit to form their own one-world government. Now the battle in the wars on terror, conspiracy and posthuman society moves on the scale of two worlds, and Helios sends his top special agents, JC and DX Denton to Mars to stop the plans of a vile magalomaniac Uber Alles who rules the only city on Mars in the tradition of MJ-12, controlling people with a vaccine, distribution of technology and militarization of society. The plot of Frozen Hell follows DX Denton and JC from the Martian immigrant-founded city of the Middle of Nowhere to the blizzard-attacked New York City; from the red Martian deserts swarming with classified facilities to the desert of the Grand Canyon; from space station Ophelia from an Invisible War ending to JC's and DX dreams and nightmares. The story is quite flexible to create a video game, the player will be able to chose to save an army from a nuclear strike, or save JC Denton from death; choose to argue of agree with JC on topics like Transhumanism; and choose between 3 different endings, one of which will lead to an end of the world. Read the the prologue and demo-chapter on Deus Ex: Frozen Hell web site http://deusexfrozenhell.blogspot.com/2012/11/prologue.html More chapters will come as they are finished. Any thoughts about my ideas for sequels? Any similar ideas you have? If anyone from Eidos Montreal reads this, its my dream to contribute at least somehow to the story of any new Deus Ex games.