View Full Version : Can you guys please patch an option to allow R1 shooting on ps3?!?

3rd Feb 2013, 03:55
Why you decided to map shooting on R2 is beyond me, and not offering a way to customize the controls to map shoot on R1 is criminal imo.

Please patch the ps3 version of the game. Cause I can't stand shooting with the R2 trigger and I'm sure others on here would agree!

3rd Feb 2013, 06:21
It's not that big of deal. Just because most shooters have the 'fire' button mapped to Right Trigger on Xbox and R2 on PS3 doesn't mean they all have to.

7th Feb 2013, 02:03
The controls in Silent Assassin, I found very awkward in comparison to how they were in Absolution. After getting so tuned to the bog standard of control settings in all the newer games, it was very disorientating and caused me quite a lot of failure in the first few levels of the game.

My advice would be just persevere and you'll eventually adapt to where you don't even need to think about what buttons you're using, it'll just happen like it does with other games you play.