View Full Version : IO answer please

31st Jan 2013, 00:32
Is this ever going to be continued? What are the differences?

I do believe that there have been some minor tweaks. Very small level stuff though. I'll look at getting a list of these if enough people are interested. It'll be in the new year though.

31st Jan 2013, 01:01
The tweaks include increasing the resolution to 720p and putting more than one game on the disc.

Oh, and achievements for the first two games.

7th Feb 2013, 02:19
I seem to remember a mention somewhere of new textures and skins that were a slight improvement from their previous versions.

However, 47's shadow in "Silent Assassin" seems to have been left untouched and looks obvious as if they forgot to smooth it out for HD. Seriously, have him stand in the light and look at the floor or wall, it looks like 47's Legoman ShadowClone.