View Full Version : Availability of the 360 version In Quebec, Canada

30th Jan 2013, 18:53
Hi, i'm an huge fan of the Hitman series and was waiting for this release since it was announced. What a surprise when i realised there's only the PS3 version of the game available in my country.I tought it'll be available for XBOX360 too. I can't find it anywhere, games retailers don't seems to know why the 360 version of the game isn't available or when it'll be, the only thing they know is that the game is supposed to be on XBOX360. Anyone got some infos please ? At least an explanation...:mad2:

2nd Feb 2013, 05:52
it is available on the 360 in Canada, or by my country you ment Quebec? because i am from Alberta Canada and bought it at ebgames launch day, maybe you can get it from ebgames.ca. it might not have went to Quebec because there was no french language on the packaging or in the inside content.