View Full Version : Trouble in Bar Tab Mission

27th Jan 2013, 23:01
I kinda take serious these role playing games.
Here's the situation:
-I'm In Bar Tab Mission
-Have 2100 credits
-Dont have that Social Enhancement stuff
-I never kill an innocent in a role playing game. If I have to, I just delete the game.(Happened in another RPG)

So, is there a way out without killing Jaya(an innocent woman)?

Thanks for your attention

27th Jan 2013, 23:03
Can't you just take her out non-lethally and take the chip? It's been I while, I forget.

27th Jan 2013, 23:15
Well, here's the wiki http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Bar_Tab
Do something else until you have either 5000 credits or the aug

27th Jan 2013, 23:18
I sold many things and found 1k credits in a safe and finally gathered 5k credits together. Thanks for your advices :)