View Full Version : unfinished side quests...

27th Jan 2013, 08:24
i am a little confused about why i am getting this come up when i am about to go with Malik to China:


i have only 1 quest in my log and no side quests at all.


is this a bug?

27th Jan 2013, 08:57
Everyone gets that (I think). It's an automatic warning, once you leave you can't return to the same 'layout' as it is when you leave.

27th Jan 2013, 09:54
so next time i return to "town" so to speak the NPCs and such will have different dialogue options and the world will be different then when i left?

27th Jan 2013, 10:34
Yeah, some NPC's will be different or will have moved, and there will be new side quests, items etc...