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10th Jan 2013, 00:28
Hiya JC and everyone, :thumb:
and thanks for your time in advance, :cool: Ive tried to find this answer everywhere but to no avail :( Its just a quick question, Im using an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Family Chipset Graphics Chip, fully upto date, with Win7 Ultimate 32bit, everything is cool upto running it, I get the Failed to Initialize with Direct3D with these settings etc message on trying to run Deus Ex, and when I try to play Silent Assasin it says something else, Im guessing its time to go out and buy a decent Video Card or can this chip handle these games????
If not, on that score, my motherboard has 3 PCI and an AGP slot, and Ive got a bunch of old AGP graphics cards, but they are useless as my Motherboard has a New type AGP slot (what is this configuration called please anyone...AGP 2 ??) it is the same connector as the old AGP but basically turned by 180 degrees (What an Improvement eh!! I'm gobsmacked :eek: lol) So, as I haven't a clue what Anti-Aliasing is and I thought Bi-Linear was straight out of the Karma Sutra, can anyone suggest a decent Video card to buy please, the CPU is an Intel 4 Dual Core 3.3Ghz , it can be the new AGP or a PCI card, I don't want to spend too much (as my pleasure/spending £££ on Games and Hardware Ratio is currently on a downwards slope :mad2: ) and Ideally it has to be able to handle all the current games, and even more Ideally, I wont have to buy a new one for a year or 2 :D , any help really appreciated ......

Cheers :thumb:

10th Jan 2013, 16:12
Hiya JC and everyone, :thumb:


Sorry I can't help.

* Jerion might kindly give you an in depth theory lesson about graphics cards and which card is best for you and your budget.

10th Jan 2013, 16:37
PCI? You mean PCI-E, right?


(Seriously, PCI was old hat when I started Uni, and that was...more years ago than I care to admit to.)

If you're still running a PCI / AGP system, you may want to consider scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch. That motherboard isn't going to be compatible with today's cards.

10th Jan 2013, 21:36
Yes PCI-E and AGP, I wouldnt attempt to even try play anything but ping-pong on something that old :) , the A-four M/B has a dual Intel 4 3.3Ghz CPU, just the intel graphics chip has very limited 3D, Win7 Ultimate's inbuilt PC Benchmarker scores all the rest of the PC at 4.2-4.9/5, except the graphics, which scores 1 ...... hence the need for some kind soul to suggest a decent graphics card that plays deus ex, Hitman, Lucius etc, its been quite a few years since my last need to upgrade a Graphics card, any suggestions pls

10th Jan 2013, 21:39
thanks :)