View Full Version : Deus Ex: Human Revolution Complete Edition boxed edition for ps3 or xbox 360

6th Jan 2013, 18:41
Since boxed mac version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Complete Edition was released some time ago, I wonder if there is a chance for a "boxed" release for ps3 (or xbox360)? I have a family, and I don't have a lot of time to play games any more, especially through psn so my ps3 isn't connected to internet. I had completed the game but I can't get the dlc's. :(

anyone knows if there is a chance for a boxed complete edition on consoles??

7th Jan 2013, 13:38
The Playstation 3 is wireless so you don't need a cable. PSN access is free so why not connect it and get the deus ex dlc?

7th Jan 2013, 16:24
It would be really cool to get a complete edition without downloading all the dlc's. Imagine, You put your disk and everything is there, you don't need to connect to psn or xbl to download it. All the best games get this goty edition (batman, boarderlands, la noire, gta 4, red dead redemption...to name a few) and deus ex:hr is without exception one of the best games in this generation.

Mac users have it and on their system but the game will probably sell poor. Console players deserwe it since it sold the best on xbox360 nad ps3 (and pc gamers also).

7th Jan 2013, 20:19
There's like three parts of DLC, two a minor additions in game, not a big deal when compared to a lot of games these days.

11th Jan 2013, 18:32
Perhaps Your right, but wouldn't it bee cool to have everything on one disc like the mac owners have. You don't need to worry about the disc space for dlc and even if your hard drive will broke then You don't need to worry that the dlc is gone. This game deserves a goty on both consoles and pc.

12th Jan 2013, 21:33
I chad checked, one store in Poland already offers gold edition also for pc. Who knows perhaps console players also will get the gold edition since it sold the best on both xbox and ps3.