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30th May 2014, 02:19
So, with a new class out, that means a new addition to the Nosgoth Community Guide! And seeing how I've made all the previous videos, I made one for the Prophet now as well. The difference here is that I decided to make a few much needed adjustments to and add a little more bang to the videos. Not much, but personally I feel that it makes a lot of difference.


Oh, and... what's this?

Oh clumsy silly me. It seems I've accidentally dropped bits and pieces of a beta key hidden inside the video. Derp. Maybe if you read instructions below the video you might figure out what to do with them.

Best of luck! ;)

31st May 2014, 08:12
Nice video, quite informative :)

31st May 2014, 10:12
Shes got a wierd voice)
Thanks for video

31st May 2014, 10:52
Thanks for the video,informative.

3rd Jun 2014, 01:04
Vid added w/ the written guide to the strategy guides.

5th Jun 2014, 11:52
I hid bits of a Beta Key in the video, all but one which I will tweet at a later time. However, I've yet to see any initative regarding anyone wanting to win the key, so I'm going to extend the time before I release the final bit of the beta key.

Also, I figured one of the pieces might have been too hard to see... so I'm going to give it out here.

The SECOND piece of the beta key is: UMA

Meaning the Beta key is as follows: xxxUMA-yyy-xxxxxx-yyy

I will release the final yyy on my twitter at a later date. Instructions in the video description.