View Full Version : When will be seeing some gameplay?

24th Dec 2012, 16:39
I already pre-ordered. I saw the five screen shots and the update looks very nice I must say. It would be nice to see some gameplay or a comparison trailer though. Any indication for the people on the forums of when that might be?


28th Dec 2012, 19:40
I too would really like to see this... Otherwise the only reason I would get the HD collection would be to play it on console, but that might not really be a full reason.

31st Dec 2012, 02:32
I would like to see gameplay videos of Hd trilogy but none at this time, comparison video would be interesting.

2nd Jan 2013, 23:33
Just look at the PC version, it'll look better than the actual HD trilogy but it'll give you an example of what you'll be getting.